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Get Real Business Results with Digital Marketing

Generally, we don’t associate digital advertising with artwork and creativity. Yet, the pros use their creative talents to maximize their return on their paid digital ads. 

Meet Isaac Rudansky, CEO AdVenture PPC 

Isaac heard on the radio that Squarespace allows you to create your own site online even if you have no prior experience. This was the birth of isaacrudansky.com.

Here, Isaac was finally able to showcase his artistic talent to the world. When meeting someone in person he would simply give the person the URL to the site. Then they’d be able to browse and purchase Isaac’s art online.

Where Are Those Eyeballs? 

The problem was that although the site was live, there was little activity on the site. The problem wasn’t a lack of interest. There were plenty of people searching for quality art online. 

The challenge was finding those people already searching online for his type of art and direct them to the website. 

Hello Digital Advertising

This was the beginning of Isaac’s plunge into the world of Google AdWords and online marketing.

After doing this for while for himself, Isaac saw that he was getting really good at this. He was able to control the experience of the users and direct them to his site.

Starting Small and Just For ‘Friends and Family’

Although initially, Isaac was only doing it for his father’s business and a few other people that he knew personally, it snowballed into something more serious.

More people started requesting his help with growing their online businesses and driving traffic to their website. This was the birth ofAdVenture PPC.

Enormously difficult work is a necessary foundation to break away from the traditional mold and control your own business. There is no shortcut.

You need to work really hard and make yourself into something unique to continue creating and evolving.

Currently, the company has 12 employees and is growing and working with many unique and interesting clients.

Another Creative Turned Digital Marketer

Interestingly, we interviewed Nancy Ganzekaufer in episode 30, also from New York, who transitioned from art to online marketing as well.

There seems to be a crossover between art and online marketing. Apparently, real creativity is needed to be successful in creating and maintaining a digital advertising strategy.

Online Course on Udemy

In Ultimate Google AdWords Course, Isaac shares with his students the exact tools and methods he uses to manage his own AdWords clients. This is one of the most in-depth courses I’ve seen on Udemy and Isaac really takes you from A-Z.

Check it out here, it’s worth the small investment!

What Separates The Successful Beginners From The Failures? 

Why are some beginners so successful in digital advertising and others seem to constantly struggle without any significant success?

Digital advertising requires a  subtle skill to really excel at this. Some people innately understand it. They just get it.

Others who are relying solely on data and traditional methods of marketing ultimately fall behind the eight ball.

Customer Relationships

The foundation of any service-based business is the relationship with the clients.

Everyone knows that understanding the technical knowledge in their field is critical to their success.

What many people don’t realize is the importance of creating and maintaining that relationship with each one of their clients.

Your Long-Term Clients Will Forgive Mistakes

You can seriously mess up on your clients’ behalf and lose thousands of dollars for them and they may look the other way.

This is because of the relationship that you’ve developed with them.  They know that you are genuinely interested and concerned for their success.

Here’s our interview with Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver where he shares that: “People will do business with others who they know, like and trust.”

First Steps in Traffic Generation

Ok, I just created my brand new website.  What is the one thing I should do to attract the right traffic to my site?

If you just do one thing, you will not be successful regardless of what that one thing is. So the real question is what is an area that is so important that requires your serious attention from the get-go.

Understanding The Buying Funnel

The 4 stages of the buying funnel are:

  1. Awareness

  2. Interest

  3. Desire

  4. Action

Even when you are browsing online and you almost impulsively purchase an item, you still went through all the steps relatively quickly.

Here are the 4 stages in action:

  1. Awareness – You saw the ad for the product.

  2. Interest – You were interested in what you saw.

  3. Desire – You said to yourself, ‘I want that product’.

  4. Action – You purchased the product.

Product Based Vs Service Based Business

For a product based business, the next step must be to start a paid advertising campaign.

Here’s Why:

  • Easily validate the market

  • Help you understand the cost of acquisition of customers

  • Learn conversion rates of your site (how many visitors to your site make a purchase).

  • Validate your profit margins.

Service Based Business

The sales process in a B2B service based business is much longer and more complex. While by-products the consumers are simply looking for social proof, are people like me buying this product and do they like it.

However, in the service-based business, it’s all about the relationship.

Can I trust this person or company? This can happen through giving out free content and showing your expertise, which will begin nurturing and creating that relationship.

Online Course to Develop Relationships With Potential Long-Term Customers 

The Udemy course is a great way to streamline this process of creating this trusting relationship with B2B clients.

Someone who is already taking a paid course on Udemy.com is already interested in paid online marketing and may very well sign up for a high-end marketing gig.

Final Thoughts

Get yourself some thick skin.

People can share with your how they feel about you and your service and it won’t always be pretty. Some people are just really difficult to please.

Learn to empathize with your clients when they are frustrated with you. Really understand what it is that is frustrating your customers and help solve their problems.

If you want to be successful in business, don’t be overly sensitive. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Book Recommendations

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition Revised Edition by Robert B. Cialdini

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller

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Udemy course – currently only $9.99, worth the small investment!

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