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Inbound Marketing VS Disruptive Marketing

By: Dan Moyle the 'Inbound Evangelist'

Dan works for Interview Valet which is a PR and marketing agency for podcasts. He works directly with the owner of the company and is treated like a partner but doesn't have the responsibility of overseeing the entire company.

Red-tape - The seemingly endless void in time that separates thought from action.

At that point, Dan really started working with the concept of Inbound Marketing and became known as the Inbound Evangelist.

Inbound Marketing - A way to communicate with your ideal customer through the channels that they are already in, and draw them in with engaging, helpful and relevant content that makes their lives better.

Inbound Marketers are not convincing renters to buy, rather they find and assist the renters once they have ALREADY made the decision to consider purchasing. Earlier in his career, Dan was producing the morning show and was picking the stories that would go on the morning news. This included lots of writing, video editing, and filming. During those 10 years, Dan realized that he didn't want to be in that role for the long-term. He knew that it was a mere stepping stone to something brighter.

The Shift

"People don't quit their jobs, they quit their bosses."

When a new management team came and started managing through fear and intimidation, and stopped replacing employees who left, Dan knew it was time to move on. Although the actual job was great, the work environment became toxic and unhealthy for him to continue in that surrounding.

The Next Step

Dan recalls that he had a difficult time getting out of the news because he didn't have a degree to prove his expertise. The owner of the mortgage company recently read the book Inbound Marketing by  Brian HalliganDharmesh Shah and he decided that needs to hire a former news writer for his marketing department.  And that's how Dan landed the job to start the marketing department for the mortgage company and eventually build their marketing team.

Why Aren't Consumers Responding to Traditional Marketing?

In the past, the seller or dealer had all the information.If you wanted to go buy a car, you basically went to your local dealer and asked them for their best deal and that's what you'd get.

Now, with all the information available on the internet, a savvy consumer can know exactly how much they were invoiced for your particular vehicle.

Obviously, that's a tremendous card to hold in your hands. This allows you to know exactly how far you can really push them.

You Don't Need to be Everything to Everyone!

There are enough people out there who want to hear from you exactly the way you are. They want you because of the way you are.

So we need to shift out of the mindset that we need to please people and realize that we need to let our true inner greatness shine and our audience will naturally gravitate to us.

You Can Get Your Message Out There! For Free!

Where in the past you needed 100's or millions of dollars to get your message to that many people, nowadays, you can get your message out to whoever you'd like for free!

Content is king and will win over anything else. In a world that is so overloaded with information, quality and genuine content are what will win over fancy and well-produced garbage every day of the week.

It's Time to Reform Our Marketing Mindset

In my book (I didn't start writing it yet), there are two groups of people from the old media world.

First, there are those who stubbornly cling to the idea that newspapers, TV and radio and still the wave of the future and they will never go away.

They believe that you can never replace the romantic feeling of the fresh paper between your fingers as the aroma of your coffee wafts through the crisp morning air. This group will eventually cease to exist.


The second group realized that although there will always be some people who favor the older and more traditional forms of media, still, the new mediums must be embraced.

This group realized that they have the unique ability to put their past skills and experiences of traditional media to use and they can be the forerunners in this new age of media and marketing. 

Are millennial the only ones that can succeed on social media?



They may be more adept at understanding the new social media platforms and they can really be super successful in promoting your business.  

However, you are not born with business experience and acumen. Having the knowledge to share your business and inspiration with the world is only one piece of the puzzle.  

Can everyone be an effective social media marketer?  Social media is just another tool. There’s no such thing as a social media marketing strategy.  

It’s a marketing strategy that will include using the various social media tools. Again, social media by itself is not a strategy.

How Can I Monetize my Following Once I Created It?

The first step you need to take is to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Once you are accepted in that role and are perceived as such in your industry, then you can begin to exchange your products or services for currency (read: you can sell your stuff to your people).

"People do business with people they know, like and trust." Bob Burg


Attributes for Hiring a Digital Marketer

Digital Citizen - Lives and is actively engaged in the digital world of social media. Does not need to be a native that born into it, but must be very comfortable with these tools. 

Creative - Must have the ability to write and use creative energies and think outside of the box.

Analytical Bent - Must be able to analyze data and understand trends.

Reach - Must have some reach on various social media platforms or knows how to build a presence there.

Book Recommendations

Unbranding -  by Scott Stratten

48 Days to Work You Love by Dan Miller

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Inbound Marketing -  by Brian Halligan (Author), Dharmesh Shah

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