• Shmuel Septimus

Use the Wheel; Don’t Reinvent it

For a long time, I defined professional success as defining, creating and selling the next wheel.

Create the next Facebook.

The next Uber.

The next Google.

The next Amazon.

Then, I realized that you don’t need to do that to be super successful in your business.

The truth is, that all of those businesses realized the potential of existing platforms and resources to launch their businesses.

And we should be trying to do the same thing.

Let’s face it.

You may like the prospect of successfully launching the next big tech giant. You may even dream of being that CEO of your fortune 500 company that started in your garage and now has 750 employees across the world.

We live in a world full of wheels. Full of tools and resources that are more available now than ever before. And most of them are 100% free to use.

So, let’s refocus on using what we already have to create, fix or better the next big


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