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Yes, You Need Instagram and Snapchat for Your Local Business

Have you wondered whether you need to begin taking Instagram and Snapchat more seriously for your business?

Many people think these are still for the younger generation, for the millennials and millennial wannabes. 

Understanding Why You Need Instagram and Snapchat

Watch my interview with Brock Johnson (we actually met on Instagram) where he shares how he helps business owners see real business results by effectively using and understanding Instagram and Snapchat. 

Why should I attempt to attract a following on any platform?

When you share content online, you can position yourself as an expert in your field and attract followers. 

There are real people on their phones or computers who begin to know and respect you as the go-to source for your topic. 

These followers can and will turn into customers over time. That’s why you must create your own social media presence.

Which Platform is Best for You? 

The truth is that it really doesn't matter which platform you use.

You simply need to pick the platform that works best for you and stick to it. Your followers will learn to expect to see you there and they will anticipate your content and opinions. 


Let's face it, we all love video. 

It's so easy to consume. It engages multiple senses and we just sit back to learn or be entertained. 

This is not something that is going to change. So we need to embrace this fact and direct our marketing efforts in this direction. 

Camera Shyness Must Become So Yesterday

If you are camera shy, well, you need to get over it. 

If video is the wave of the future, then we need to embrace it. This means Uncle Bob will see your video promoting your product and at work. And this also means that thousands or even millions of others can see that too. 

Not that is a really powerful concept (besides Uncle Bob may want to do business with you too). [Whether or not you should be doing business with Uncle Bob and Cousin Larry is beyond the scope of this article.]

Just to prove the point, here's the video recording of my conversation with Brock. Yes, I did take his course and that did help my with my camera shyness!

Need Help With This?

I don't get paid to push this course, but if you need help with this, Brock has a great course to help you with this. 

The course is called The 7 Day Content Challenge. In this course, you will learn to get over your camera shyness while learning Instagram and Snapchat at the same time. 

Check it out here!

Do Local Businesses Need a Social Media Presence?

You may have thought that by owning a local business you don't deal with the people 'out there' on social media.

That would mean that you should spend all your marketing energy and focus on other more direct campaigns. 

Well, here's today's reality.

Unless you live in a cave or some really rural uninhabited part of the globe, your local customers are all on social media. 

As a matter of fact, they are even engaging on social media while they are in your store or office!

They Are Always Looking at Their Phones

Did you notice their eyes on their phones when you were trying to talk to them?

You need to get into their phones and into their minds. That will completely change and deepen your relationship with your customers. 

Case in Point

Brock shares how he was working with a small coffee shop in Montana with social media. He was able to use local targeting tools to significantly improve their marketing results. 

Still not Convinced?

Brock is a communication major and reflects how the ability to connect and communicate in today's connected world. We connected on social media recorded a conversation live and will then disperse for anyone on the globe to enjoy.

And this can all be done for close to nothing.

Now, how cool is that?

This is all the result of the real networking we are doing on social media.

Today's Reality of Online Marketing

In today’s market, all you need are the raw skills and the will to share and provide value to the world.

You will be discovered by those looking for what you offer and you can use the available tools to speed up the process.

Whereas in the past you needed tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars to reach that many eyeballs, now you can reach all those people for close to nothing.

The playing field is now tilted in the favor of the young entrepreneurs who are embracing the new way of sharing value and information.

Unfortunately, many of the larger organizations are stuck doing things the old way. They will either evolve or go the Kodak/Toys R Us way.

Unfollow your competitors so you are not bombarded by seeing how successful they are. When your focus on serving your audience, you will serve them best.

As a result, you will be that much more successful.

Abundance Mindset

Have an abundance mindset and not a scarcity mindset. We can all win. There are enough customers out there.

Just start even if it’s messy. Better to stop messy than not to start at all.

SnapChat Vs Instagram

SnapChat has the highest engagement rate. More than Instagram, FaceBook, and any other social media platforms.

Although it’s not the easiest platform to master you will see the results of the engagement.

Again, if you are doing really well on another platform, then stay there and do an awesome job there. So find your sweet spot and stay there with focused attention.

Snapchat capitalized on the concept of the stories. Stories are the easiest to remember. They also have vertical form video. That means that you have the viewers full attention while viewing the content. This boosts engagement.


Either you manage your time or your time manages you.
Build real relationships, not a place to grow your business. Relationships first and the rest will follow. Over serve your followers.

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